(c) Foto Eike Walkenhorst, Animation Ingrid Wenzel

Hi, Ingrid Wenzel here!

I work at the intersection of art, science and humor. My body of work is a synergy between stand-up comedy, storytelling, analog and digital illustrations, spoken word performances and improv. Whether it is live or online, I am specialized in making complex information digestible and fun.

My style is described as precise, smart, witty, respectful, fresh. I have done projects for festivals, universities like HAW Hamburg, Köln University, RWTH Aachen and TV stations like Comedy Central, ProSieben and ZDF.

I believe that upright and lighthearted humor is a healing force in this world and with my skills I can make life artsier and funnier.

You can contact me for inquiries, ideas & bookings: hello (at) ingridwenzel.de & here: instagram twitter facebook.


Recent Credits:

fischerAppelt 2020
Kreativworkshop und hybride Weihnachtsfeier Moderation

Ministerium für Schule und Bildung Nordrhein-Westfalen 2020
Virtual Graphic Recording & Digitale Visual Performance “Sprachsensibel Unterrichten”

RWTH Aachen 2020
Digital Comedy and Visual Performance for RWTH Atec Start-up Event

Comedy Coach im Impro Hotel 2020

Mercator Institut & Köln University 2020
Graphic Recording, Cartoon Slam and Stand-up Comedy „Sprachen Lernen in der digitalisierten Gesellschaft“

Hamburg University of Applied Science 2018, 2019
Hosting & Cartoon Slam „Mobilität der Zukunft“

Neubrandenburg University of Applied Science 2019
24h edutainment lecture with cartoons „Vor Menschen sprechen. Ohne Angst und ohne dass sie einschlafen“

IdeenExpo Hannover x Impulspiloten 2019
Hosting & Improv Comedy “Karrierebühne” // Illustration for RoboCup Junior Euro Championship

TV Credits:

Television Warm-up ZDF & NDR / Comedy Central Stand-up Shorts / Comedy Central Roast Battle / NDR Comedy Contest / Nightwash WDR / Tele 5

Live Credits:

Millerntor Gallery / Altonale Hamburg / Gängeviertel Festival / Comedy Cafe Berlin / Nightwash / Knust Comedy Session / Founder of “Stand-up for the Ladies” Hamburgs only comedyshow with a quota  / Quatsch Comedy Club Live Shows / Komische Nacht /

Other Goods:

monopol magazin online / watson.de / refinery29.de / broadly.vice.com /

Not so known but important credits:

An open air comedy show, where the only audience members were teenagers who waited in line for a k-pop concert, a comedy show at a street fair where parents parked their toddlers, a laundromat in San Francisco where the only audience member was a woman who waited for her laundry (and she laughed <3)

(c) Foto by Eike Walkenhorst, Animation by me