(c) Foto Eike Walkenhorst, Animation Ingrid Wenzel

Ingrid Wenzel

is a German illustrator and stand-up comedian from Hamburg & Berlin. Her main agenda is to make life artsier and funnier. She worked with Comedy Central Germany, Scandic Hotels, Panasonic Europe (and in every open mic cellar in Germany).

In her work, she focusses on art, science and humor. As an illustrator and speaker, she is specialized in making complex information digestible and appreciative.

You can book her for performances, hosting, lectures, creative workshops, graphic recording, comedy writing and illustrations.

You can also see her live: In her solo shows, she combines storytelling with cartoons about topics like tragicomedy, human relations, mischievousness and the beauty of mundane life.

I don’t know why I wrote this text in third person singular. Anyway, I am open all year long for ideas and bookings: hello (at) ingridwenzel.de & here: instagram twitter facebook.


TV Credits:

Television Warm-up ZDF & NDR / Comedy Central Stand-up Shorts / Comedy Central Roast Battle / NDR Comedy Contest / Nightwash WDR /

Live Credits:

Millerntor Gallery / Altonale Hamburg / Gängeviertel Festival / Comedy Cafe Berlin / PanaConvention Mallorca / Knust Comedy Session / Founder of “Stand-up for the Ladies” Hamburgs only comedyshow with a quota / Cartoon Slam Hamburg University of Applied Science / 24 hour lecture Brandenburg University of Applied Science / IdeenExpo Moderation & Improvisation / Quatsch Comedy Club Live Shows / Komische Nacht

Other Goods:

Improv Comedy, Musical Improv (Leela San Francisco, UCB NY/HH, Comedy Cafe Berlin) / Acting (M. Schymura, Schott) /
monopol magazin online / watson.de / refinery29.de / broadly.vice.com /

Not so known but important credits:

An open air comedy show, where the only audience members were teenagers who waited in line for a k-pop concert, a comedy show at a street fair where parents parked their toddlers, a laundromat in San Francisco where the only audience member was a woman who waited for her laundry (and she laughed <3)


(c) Foto by Eike Walkenhorst, Animation by me