(c) Foto Eike Walkenhorst, Animation Ingrid Wenzel

Hi, Ingrid Wenzel here!

I work at the intersection of art, science and humor. My body of work is a synergy between stand-up comedy, storytelling, analog and digital illustrations, spoken word performances and improv. Whether it is live or online, I am specialized in making complex information digestible and fun.

My style is described as precise, smart, witty, respectful, fresh. I have done projects for festivals, universities like HAW Hamburg, Köln University, RWTH Aachen and TV stations like Comedy Central, ProSieben and ZDF.

I believe that upright and lighthearted humor is a healing force in this world and with my skills I can make life artsier and funnier.

You can contact me for inquiries, ideas & bookings: hello (at) ingridwenzel.de & here: instagram twitter facebook.


Recent Credits:

Live und Digital Graphic Recording Performances 2021
für u.a. die Impulspiloten, Alexion, Sparkasse, Dräger, Philips, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Pro Sieben, Myspass

fischerAppelt 2020
Kreativworkshop und hybride Weihnachtsfeier Moderation

Ministerium für Schule und Bildung Nordrhein-Westfalen 2020
Virtual Graphic Recording & Digitale Visual Performance “Sprachsensibel Unterrichten”

RWTH Aachen 2020
Digital Comedy and Visual Performance for RWTH Atec Start-up Event

Comedy Coach im Impro Hotel 2020 & 2021

Mercator Institut & Köln University 2020
Graphic Recording, Cartoon Slam and Stand-up Comedy „Sprachen Lernen in der digitalisierten Gesellschaft“

Hamburg University of Applied Science 2018, 2019
Hosting & Cartoon Slam „Mobilität der Zukunft“

Neubrandenburg University of Applied Science 2019
24h lecture performance with cartoons „Vor Menschen sprechen. Ohne Angst und ohne dass sie einschlafen“

IdeenExpo Hannover x Impulspiloten 2019 & 2021
Moderation, Improv Comedy und Graphic Recording

TV Credits:

Television Warm-up ARD ZDF NDR / Comedy Central Stand-up Shorts / Comedy Central Roast Battle 2019 & 2021 / NDR Comedy Contest / Nightwash WDR / Tele 5 / myspass / ProSieben / Sat1 / smyle

Live Credits:

Millerntor Gallery / Altonale Hamburg / Gängeviertel Festival / Good to Talk Berghain / Comedy Cafe Berlin  / Knust Comedy Session / Founder of “Stand-up for the Ladies” Hamburg’s only comedyshow with a quota  /

Other Goods:

monopol magazin online / watson.de / refinery29.de / broadly.vice.com /

Not so known but important credits:

An open air comedy show, where the only audience members were teenagers who waited in line for a k-pop concert, a comedy show at a street fair where parents parked their toddlers, a laundromat in San Francisco where the only audience member was a woman who waited for her laundry (and she laughed <3)

(c) Foto by Eike Walkenhorst, Animation by me