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Ingrid Wenzel

is an illustrator and stand-up comedian from Germany. Her main agenda is to make life artsier and funnier. On stage she combines storytelling with cartoons about topics like tragicomedy, human relations, mischievousness and the beauty of mundane life.
She worked with Comedy Central Germany, Scandic Hotels, Panasonic Europe and in every open mic cellar in Germany.

Ingrid studied art history, business, english and cultural studies in Bochum, Stockholm and Lüneburg.

Today, she is based in Berlin and Hamburg after following career paths such as wedding DJ, navy soldier and cruise ship bingo host.

With a focus on art and humor, her works include show hosting, comedy writing, performance, illustrations, graphic recording and cartoons.  Ingrid Wenzel is open all year long for ideas and bookings: hello (at) instagram twitter facebook.





TV Credits:

Television Warm-up ZDF & NDR / Comedy Central Stand-up Shorts / Comedy Central Roast Battle / NDR Comedy Contest / Nightwash WDR /

Live Credits:

Millerntor Gallery / Altonale Hamburg / Gängeviertel Festival / Late Night Shows at Comedy Cafe Berlin / PanaConvention Mallorca / Knust Comedy Session / Stand-up for the Ladies / Cartoon Slam Hamburg University of Applied Science / IdeenExpo Moderation & Improvisation / Quatsch Comedy Club Live Shows / Komische Nacht


Improv Comedy Classes (Leela San Francisco, UCB NY/HH, Comedy Cafe Berlin) /
monopol magazin online / / / /

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