Berlin is the new New York – Pop-up Gallery

Berlin is the new New York is the name of next weekend’s exhibition with my artwork!

If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere. Frank Sinatra famously sang in “New York, New York”. When I was a DJ, I prominently played the song at the end of the night to kick people out of the club. It’s a good song to hug each other when you can’t stand on your own. No matter how speech impaired, you can still shout the city’s name. It’s a good song to remind yourself “I’m not in New York. I’m in Buxtehude. I’m not making it there. But at least I can make it home now”. Good night.


If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere. Even onto this new collage.


Berlin versus New York

The other day I found the German version of the song’s famous quote. In a Berlin tourist shop I saw postcards, backpacks, mugs with the slogan: “If you can’t make it in Berlin, you won’t make it anywhere”. This is lived German pessimism versus American optimism. This is the German capital being humble at best. Focus on can’t. Try hard to not make it. At least then you know you never make it anywhere else. Besides, the level for “making it in Berlin” is so low already, it’s no accomplishment to make it out of bed at 3pm. Why reach for the stars if you can reach for dirt on the floor? Also, it’s not “I can make it anywhere”, it’s “You won’t make it anywhere”. I always had a problem with this German condescension.



Go and get that authentic Wenzel

People have compared Berlin to New York many times. I love both cities. “Berlin is the new New York” – that’s also the name of a pop-up gallery next weekend. I will be showing original artworks, hand-drawn cartoons, no computer stuff!
Where? At Blue Goat Gallery, Gleimstrasse 16, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
More info: Facebook Event


What it takes to make it as a comedian. In Berlin or New York. I will be showing this hand drawn cartoon next weekend. And more!



I will also show “Injured big city dogs”.