Cartoon Exhibition

Ein echter Wenzel

I’m having a Cartoon Exhibition! Looking at and purchasing an authentic Wenzel is now possible. I’m showing my cartoons until Dec. 21st at Galerie 102 in Berlin!
(Here: Potsdamer Str. 102, Berlin, Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 13-18 Uhr, Fr&Sa 15-20 Uhr.).

I’m displaying my “Neu in Berlin” cartoons. They are all inspired by my recent move to the capital. They are observations, one-liners and most of all stories, that are funny when you haven’t been there yourself. Like that horrendous apartment hunting, the big city sick dog life, artist survival strategies. I sold a few at the opening night, so if you’re interested in other editions, let me know here!

Besides, there are many other artists, who show their work there and it’s totally worth it. Come and see a broad palette of Berlin contemporary art!


My parents came to the vernissage!

My parents arrived at the exhibition JUST as a performance artist started screaming and throwing herself in front of their feet. Welcome to Berlin.

Afterwards, I took my retired elders to their first craft beer bar. We went to the über-hipster beer place BRLO, where we raised the average age by several nuances of beige.
They had their first craft beer tasting board and I now want to make a tv show out of it. With every beer came a tiny snack to enhance the beer aroma. Fermented garlic, toast with the dimension 1cm x 1cm, ONE piece of kale, fancy right! What does my dad do? He throws the snack INTO THE BEER. „Now it tastes better“, he said.
Definitely a save way to shock a hipster barkeeper. And material for my next cartoon!

You can purchase my cartoons here. And now, here are some pics from the exhibition (taken from my insta story):


Cartoon Exhibition Ingrid Wenzel Cartoon Exhibition Ingrid Wenzel Ingrid Wenzel Cartoon Dogs

Ingrid Wenzel ComedianIngrid Wenzel Comedian Cartoons Dogs