Drawing on ipad with apple pencil and procreate

I don’t like digital art. I like my art dirty and raw. The smell of paint makes me high. The thick layers of a Van Gogh painting make me hungry for mud pie. Painting is physical. Imagine the expressionists painted on computers, they’d all have chronic back pain. Painting digitally is lacking coincidence. Coincidence paints the best pictures. Cry on paper and you can paint a mascara watercolor. Cry on your ipad and you cry more because it breaks because it’s not waterproof.

I sound like a curmudgeonette who hates anything digital. Fine, but with all things that I don’t like I try them out at least once. The ipad now joins me trying rotten Swedish fish and sport. So for this drawing experiment, I used an ipad with an apple pen and the app “procreate”. This is how it was for me:

The best part about drawing on an ipad: it’s fun.

You can eat while doing it and not worry about accidentally swallowing paint. Also, people are often afraid to draw or write the first word on a white paper. Perfectionism kicks in and you end up not drawing anything leaving the paper blank. Doing that digitally helps, because it’s playful, you can erase quickly and no pile of tossed paper reminds you of your failure.

The worst part about drawing with an ipad: you have to buy an ipad.

The ipad is just too expensive for a toy. The app “procreate” is cool but definitely has too many brushes to choose from. It’s like looking into a make up artist’s work place and getting all insecure because I only own a chapstick. To get used to the mechanics I did some free hand drawings and then just drew over photos of mine. Which felt lazy but it’s a good exercise. Drawing on my ipad feels generally like cheating. Before that, I had to mix colors (and often messed up) and now I just klick on lavender-blue. I have to wash my hands afterwards, not because I’m dirty but to wash off the guilt of not really having done anything real. My plan now is to really get to know the app and see how I can use it for comedy too.

So here are some studies I’ve done while watching bumping mics on netflix, how do you like them?

even though i like the overall picture, my face still looks too stiff ..and, well, digitally drawn from a photo.
i like this one cuz it’s playful and simple.
me imagining my snappy face on a big canvas
“me and my cacti” – this is drawn after one of my favorite polaroids
This is how I draw all day. I’m one brush stroke away from a pinched nerve.
practice makes perfect so i draw me as often as possible
i’m a baseball clown who are you?

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