Performances for Digital Events

Contact me if you need someone witty, professional and experienced for your online or hybrid event. We can then talk about together what is best for your event type and audience. Generally, you can book me for:

– classic graphic recording (analog and digital) ( examples )
– virtual live drawing sessions
– digital stand-up comedy performance
– a mix of drawing and stand-up comedy

–> Contact –> hello (at)

I can do all of these remotely from home or from your studio, in English and German. I am also always ready for spontaneously filling in if the next speaker isn’t online yet (this happens a lot!).

Recent references:

die Wohnungswirtschaft
stubenhocker tv

Here’s a video with a few examples:


Analog Graphic Recording
Graphic Recording Digital (c) Lukas Schramm Queen Silvia Nursing Award
Digital Stand-up Comedy Performance with Graphic Recording


“With the world changing our lives change and my work as an artist changes, too. In these past months, I (accidentally) became an expert in performing digitally. And I like it. I did graphic recording in studios for online streams, I gave interviews via instagram and I performed digital stand-up comedy for hundreds of people from my living room. My goal is to give every audience member a unique experience and a feeling of connection in these digital times. Doing graphic recording with fun, on point illustrations gives value and shows respect to everyone involved. My witty performances function as a refreshing palate cleanser in between speakers. You can afterwards use my drawings for your website, social media, as a hand out to the audience.”

Do you need more than a performance? Someone who runs the whole show? That’s not me! But I work a lot together with a team of professionals called impulspiloten, who specialize in online and hybrid events: