Live Show: Good to Talk at Kantine am Berghain

Summer is going, new shows are coming. As always, I post my dates on here and all mics and small shows in Berlin on Insta. Here’s a gig I particularly want to invite to: Good To Talk at Kantine am Berghain September 28th 2019 starting at noon. An interdisciplinary approach to talking about art. I will perform and speak about art and comedy together with my illustrations. I will update this once I know my time slot, it will be splendid!

You can find more infos on Good to Talk’s website and on facebook. See you there. Oh and one SAD announcement. I was supposed to do a solo show in Kassel September 21th. Unfortunately, the venue has closed for good. If you got tickets already please contact the venue, I will come another time, another place.

Other than that, I hope you all had a great summer, got new impressions, read a good book and refueled energy for the rest of the year.

(c) Good to talk website
(c) Good to talk facebook
(c) Nadja Ramsaroop (original shot) /Ingrid Wenzel

EDIT: Here’s a Wimmelbild of all my slides in a nonsensical order:

(c) Ingrid Wenzel 2019