Working from home

So I just came back from two weeks vacation in Portugal. Yeah I know – you can actually spend two weeks in that tiny country. Oh that wasn’t what you were wondering? Oh, you meant because of that thing, that makes tons of people sick, makes others fight over toilet paper and comedy dudes start yet another podcast? 

“Home Office” (2019)

I read the news once in the morning, once in the evening, that’s it. And only the German public-service broadcast, nothing more. I unfollow everyone who posts only about the C word. I do not have energy for more. On vacation, I check the news even less. But when you don’t check the news, the news eventually check on you. So in Portugal, suddenly the bars were closed, then the restaurants and lastly the beach. And then we went back to Berlin. 

Since then, people have asked me how my artist life has changed. Not at all. I sit at my desk and draw what I think is funny. With or without quarantine: 

“Home Office” 2020

With all my shows cancelled I’m glad I can work at home, too. My dad called „we are so worried since you’re a freelancer and all your shows get cancelled“. I said „Don’t worry, I was hardly booked anyway“. Was that the wrong answer? 

With no shows I have time to finish my illustration projects. Except now I have my boyfriend home all day – who’s finally experiencing me working. He looks at me drawing at my desk all day and said „why don’t you go watch a movie for a change“. Like drawing is my hobby equally to watching netflix. No, this is actually what I do all day.

Thanks for the photo and watching the stream yesterday, Christl!

The other day he threw paper trash away – so he thought. He placed it in my art collage box where I keep years old, crucial paper snippets that I will one day turn into art. I laughed. The most confused/happiest of all is my dog. Everyone home? Is it forever weekend? Is it a holiday? What’s going on?! 

Classic question, art or trash?


Yesterday, my dog constantly crushed my video live stream. I did graphic recording for a digital conference (for my fellow Impulspiloten crew). Since everything was digital – the host, speakers, the coffee break – I decided to draw analog (see photo above). It was pure joy to hold my paper drawings (and dog) in the camera and present them to the audience.

Employee of the month

I hope you all are coping and staying inside. Because if you’re actually working outside you wouldn’t have time to read this right. <3

Shows update

Of course, all my upcoming shows will be postponed / cancelled. Updates will follow. Until then I have time to write jokes, draw cartoons, do more art, finish reading watchmen. What will you do?

Also, I am finally open for commission again, so if you need anything drawn, like your portrait on a toilet paper cuz why not, hit me up!

Until then, I post funny stuff mostly in my instagram stories: (sorry you have to sign up for that, will look for an easier version eventually).

The perfect notebook

If you had to save one thing from your house what would it be? Maybe your dog, yes maybe a significant other, photo albums or money. For me it’s my sketchbooks. They contain all my caught ideas. I sometimes throw out artwork, because once finished, it does not mean anything to me. Like a rotten dish. But my notebooks hold the recipes. I look through them for inspiration and my brain starts cooking. It is a goldmine. I’ve been doing this since 1998. I have a lot.


Notebook addict by Nadja Ramsaroop (c)

I am addicted to fancy notebooks. I cannot contain myself in an art supply store. In fact, I avoid them. My brain goes directly from spotting them to check out. I can finally go to Boesner again because I TRIED ALL THEIR PAPER. I’m healed. For now, I need to avoid Modular and their enslaving product range.

With nothing else in my life I am this particular. My pen does not set foot on mediocre paper. When I elect them I investigate the bookbinding, sizing, paper weight and surface, strechtability and design. Paper needs to be sturdy to avoid bleeding but at the same time needs to weigh almost nothing like it doesn’t matter. You need to be able to bend it without breaking, like this:

At home I have a library of empty books. Some become diaries, others sketchbooks, an improv manual, graphic novel, travel journal, collage collection, joke book. That’s where I create a new stand-up routine. A perfect notebook makes you work automatically. The feeling of mining a pen into paper spreads roots in the brain. Writing it down later on the computer is just for archiving. Sorry, Macbook. I carry one notebook wherever I go. I have taken notes while driving on the Autobahn, while walking, even on a techno club’s restroom. This is how a typical note page looks like:

Last year, I travelled to Ljubljana and discovered a small paper art manufacturer tipoRenesansa. An invisible force dragged me inside and a second later I found myself unconsciously buying their most precious sketchbook: The only prototype of a gift made for German paper pope Gerhard Steidl. I keep his magazine he did for DIE ZEIT in 2015 on my desk, every page is made from different paper. I don’t think I ever read it, I just touch it. He’s famous for his book printing. Artists that beg to print with him get locked into a chamber in his small half-timbered countryhouse in rural Göttingen until the job is done. My biggest dream. The last photo on this shows his beautiful introduction words of what paper means to him. And here’s a movie about how he made that magazine:

I’m writing these lines while unpacking my second order from tipoRenesansa. Again, these are the best notebooks I ever had, bendable, sturdy light weights, and I can’t wait to find out where they will take me:

My new notebooks from tipoRenesansa: two beautiful prototypes, the pig, my favorite animal, and the red one is the code of arms of Slovenia when they were part of Yugoslavia


My Gerhard Steidl Prototip Sketchbook and the 2015 Magazine (the feather card to the left was a personal note from tipoRenesansa, so sweet!)