Christmas Live Stream Dec. 24 8pm Berlin time – die Weihnachtsgeschichte als Live Drawing

Bin ich eigentlich die einzige, die Weihnachten alleine ist? Vielleicht kann ich ja mit meinem Xmas Live Stream noch jemanden zur Kontaktreduktion überreden? Oder euch vor der Verwandtschaft oder awkward Spieleabenden mit Bekannten retten. Am 24.12 zur besten Sendezeit um 20 Uhr Berlin time zeichne ich euch live die Weihnachtsgeschichte, für alle die alleine sind und sich alternatives Entertainment wünschen. Einfach um 20 Uhr auf den Live Link klicken und dabei sein:)

Hier ist der Link zur Veranstaltung:

Und hier ist der Link zum Post vom Live Video:

Quasi ein Krippenspiel der anderen Art. Für alle, die an Weihnachten alleine oder sad sind, die Netflix und ARD durchgeschaut haben: An Heiligabend zeichne ich für euch live die Weihnachtsgeschichte (nach Lukas/Markus/Medley und auf deutsch mostly)

(Dieser Live Stream ist erstmal nur ein Experiment, deshalb erstmal nur auf Facebook)

Hier sind ein paar Videostills vom letzten Live Stream letzte Woche. Und hier der Link zum Nachschauen:


“Cooking onions and playing Cyberpunk2077”
Drawing a ginger bread heart for your entertainment
View of my desk
Advocating for a Böllerverbot
Arguing with a violinist
Singing a song written with blood
Live drawing before the show started


Open Studio Stream Dec 5th 8pm CET


In my second online workshop/lecture/comedy performance, I will show you how to craft low budget Christmas presents (for people you LIKE!). Bring some normal paper, some pens and scissors. Anyone can do this!

The live stream is free but I encourage you to donate to Comedy Café Berlin and help them stay alive! Comedy Café Berlin is one of the most important addresses for underground and innovativ comedy in Germany. Instead of spreading joy every day they have to be closed. So I will spread some joy for them online: this Saturday, 8 PM Berlin time.

The Comedy Café Berlin also got a whole new line of merch so you can show off your love for CCB in style!

Watch the stream on Facebook:

Watch on Twitch:

Watch on YouTube:

PUSH Improv is online

You know stuff gets serious when you change a relationship status or create a website. Me and my PUSH improv buddy Regina Pichler, a.k.a. PUSH ANY BUTTON IMPROV, are finally online. And our homepage looks better and more professional than my own! (Not like that’s a hard accomplishment, since my website is a house of cards and a house of smattering wordpress skills.)
Thanks to our designer Marcel Häusler we got a visual identity he created just for us. And, of course, thanks to our programmer Pascal Hokenholz.
Having a new website feels like buying a photo album. I’m so excited for all the pictures of our upcoming projects, that we will add one by one. And then one day show to our grandkids.

We already loaded lots of content up. For example, photos of our PUSH improv  performance at Gängeviertel Festival last year: At their cozy catacombs, we invited visitors to take part in our silly séance. Playfully superstitious, never serious, but always sincere with our guests. Everyone experienced an entertaining and friendly fortune-telling session. We did no Palmistry but Thumbistry (we’re beginners and can’t do an entire hand yet). And if the thumb and our design tarot cards weren’t right enough, we interpreted the shapes of our lunch box tin foil. At the end, every “customer” got a happy, custom-made design tarot card to take home.

Now I could just post a link to our new improv site, but here are some visuals, because they are too pretty not to share! Heck, I even videotaped our website screen and loaded it on vimeo just to have it on my blog! Anyway, here’s the link, keep playing, keep PUSHing. We hope you like our new page as much as we do!


PUSH ANY BUTTON IMPROV from Ingrid Wenzel on Vimeo.



One Year Stand-up for the Ladies

I’m celebrating one year of Stand-up for the Ladies. Germany’s only regular stand-up comedy show, that features primarily female comedians. Why? Because we need it! One year! Before starting it, I was inspired by a weekly Open Mic called Hysteria!, that I visited in San Francisco. One year ago, before the first show, some comedians told me, that my mic will take place once and never again. “Because there are no female comedians”. Well, guess for my show, they all left their stove and washhouse exiles. Because somehow we’re still running. And more and more women decide to try out stand-up – and look for a save space to do so. Hell Yeah! Because women have the same right to bomb as men. And since it got around that my show is not “just a Ladies Night” but actually a quality comedy room, more and more male comedians perform there, too. And they don’t have to wear wigs! Some people asked me why men are allowed on stage. Because all comedians are welcome, as long as their only punchline in not “haha that cunt!”. After doing shows for one year, I’m happy and grateful for every performer. On my stage, we have watched women perform stand-up for the very first time and professionals swinging by just for fun. What a treat!

Last week, we had six comediennes on stage. And my dear photographer Sergey Sanin was with us again. I baited him with Hamburg’s best brownies. And, of course comedy – whenever he has time to listen in between releasing the shutter. You can check out his photographs from last week following this link. For this post, I wanted to post like every photo but before I don’t get any sleep at all, I finally made a selection. Will “Stand-up for the Ladies” continue when I move to Berlin? Before I go there for good, there will be two more shows: In April, we have an all English Comedy showcase “Ladies of Laughter” with sets from Caroline Clifford (UK), Carmen Chraim (Lebanon) and me – hosted by Captain Khalid. And the following month, “Stand-up for the Ladies” is back on May 16th. And then we will see about the future.

(All photo credits and rights: Sergey Sanin. You’re allowed to post them when naming him.)


Improv Comedy: Oh! Kult!

Improv Comedy is my quirky balance to stand-up comedy. It’s like creative cooking versus strictly following a baking recipe. And at the end, it turns out to be a drink. With a fancy straw. I learned it in San Francisco. And my improv buddy Regina in New York. Together we are Push Any Button Improv from Hamburg.

Before I reveal some news about projects this year, I wanted to share some pictures with you from one of our past performances: Oh! Kult! One afternoon in late fall, Regina and me sat in an underground cave in Hamburg’s artsy district Gängeviertel at Urbane Kunstkammer Festival. Foods, music, arts, exhibitions, urban culture and us. Yeah I wrote Foods first, cuz that’s all I think about. And us last cuz I’m polite. But also, because we were in the darkest and most mysterious corner:

Guests explored the narrow and dingy underground hallways. Neon lit art and dj sounds guided them to us: two mediums (the third one, Günther, couldn’t come cuz he’s a truck driver and was, at that time, on Autobahn 2). We invited all interested guests to take part in our Silly Séance with creative tarot cards. Playfully superstitious, never serious but always sincere with our guests. Everyone experienced an entertaining and friendly fortune-telling session. If the cards weren’t right enough, we interpreted the shapes of our lunch box tin foil. 

The result: an extraordinary, individual improv performance. And everyone got a personalized tarot card to take home:

Thank you Stefan Karstens, Stimmungsfänger, for coming by to take our photos!


Ingrid and Regina welcoming their guests inside the cave at Urbane Kunstkammer (c) Stimmungsfänger


Artsy Tarot Card Reading (c) Stimmungsfänger


Exhibition of some of our hand crafted tarot cards. Most popular was the glitter Arschkarte.


This photo was taken during a short Oxygen break (c) Stimmungsfänger


And here are some of the results: These are the hand made cards we crafted for our guests (1/2)




Further reference in German: Urbane Kunstkammer More photos: here