Mein Nischen-Comic über Sehnenscheidenentzündungen


Eine Zeichnerin verliert ihr wichtigstes Werkzeug: ihre Hand. Diagnose: Sehnenscheidenentzündung. Wie zeigt eine Protagonistin ohne Superkräfte ihre Schwächen, wenn sie dachte, sie sei unkaputtbar? Bei einem Yogi-Tee und out-of-body-experience begegnet ihr in einem Museum Michelangelo, der gerade einen TED Talk über Pausen hält. Erst dann lernt sie, sich selbst zu heilen, mit Introspektion und Humor. … Read more

Open Studio Stream Dec 5th 8pm CET

In my second online workshop/lecture/comedy performance, I will show you how to craft low budget Christmas presents (for people you LIKE!). Bring some normal paper, some pens and scissors. Anyone can do this! The live stream is free but I encourage you to donate to Comedy Café Berlin and help them stay alive! Comedy Café … Read more

How to perform digitally

These past months I’ve been performing at digital art shows and virtual business events. Here’s what I’ve learned: Invest in a basic set-up Use a computer, avoid phones and tablets.  Get some basic light: some have spots, which are easy to control. Softboxes make a cozy light, but take up more space. Some use rings, which … Read more

Comic: Jahresrückblick

I illustrated the year in review, or as we say it in German: Jahresrückblick. Do you recognize yourself in any of them? I wished I was all of them but I have a chance next year. Last year’s failed Jahresrückblick becomes next year’s resolution. Have a good one everybody!