Shred your Fear – Push Any Button feat. HAW Hamburg & Thalia Theater

“The Last Action Heros”: Our artist group Push Any Button did a “shred your fear” ritual for the Hamburg University of Applied Science.

On Sunday morning, the Hamburg University of Applied Science welcomed almost a thousand new students at Thalia Theater and I hosted the event. Together with PUSH’s Regina and Martin, we collected the students’ “fears” and transformed them into confetti for a fresh start. Also, president Prof. Teuscher gave a speed speech, the HAW choir sang, former student Steve Fotso performed a poetry procrastination slam, I interviewed four amazing international students and afterwards, Thalia’s Thore Strothmann invited the new students for coffee and pastries to the theatre’s club Nachtasyl. I wished I would have had such a semester start (maybe then I would have finished my Masters, ha)! Thank you for everyone involved and all the best to the new students <3 !

Push Any Button says “thank you and bye” and now takes a creative break (which has, btw., nothing to do with the shredder breaking on stage).

All photos shot by Paula Markert and taken from HAW’s facebook page:

The first time I saw the Thalia Theater from this point of view (c) Paula Markert
When I walk into the club and pretend I know someone (c) Paula Markert
Zoom in for a tear of joy (c) Paula Markert