Buy my magazine “Pools – comics, writings, personality tests”

My magazine „pools – comics, writings and personality tests“ is out now. 

You can order it by contacting me:

It’s 28 pages. color print. english. 14,8 x 21cm.  12 Euro including shipping. It’s full of fun, jokes, stories, comics and other pool related stuff. I even drew my own advertisement in it and you can check out two personality tests.

I also made this video to show the work in progress.


ingrid wenzel pools magazine

Berlin Comedy Shows are happening again

Live stand-up comedy shows are happening again in Berlin! You can come see live shows, real people, no screens. 

Of course, every show works with a hygiene and distance concept and there is limited seating. For donation-based open mics (which I think is  the most interesting way to experience stand-up comedy) I would recommend looking up the events in facebook and reserve there or contact the host. Of course, you can still show up at the spot and hope there is space for you. 

Please also bare in mind to support the performers, theaters and bars. Laugh for an entire household, drink for three. You don’t even have to drink to support  – you can also just donate to the locations. 

Here is a list of places that are open again. If I missed any, please let me know:

Comedy Café Berlin in Neukölln is open again. They have a sweet bar, live shows with improv, stand-up and related genres (most in English). You can also take a class at their training school or buy sweet merch there (and I think some of my original art postcards). They also just introduced a BIPOC scholarship.

Mad Monkey Room in Prenzlauer Berg is open almost every night for German speaking shows. They post all shows on their facebook page.

Deriva in Neukölln is a lovely bar with a lovely back room and several mics each week.

Tati goes underground between Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte has some shows going on as well.

The Wall in Berlin Friedrichshain is a brand new comedy club with mostly english shows every night of the week.

Space Meduza in Kreuzberg is opening up again and offering mics. I also love the wild jellyfish interior and good drinks there.


Again, if I missed any, please let me know.

Photo Credits: for Comedy Heads show in Hamburg – which is also happening again. They have an open air on July 18th 2020 at Monkeys Hamburg. Uga uga.



Smyle x Ingrid

(c) Ingrid Wenzel




ProSieben hat eine App für Comedy herausgebracht – Smyle – und meine Cartoons könnt ihr dort seit diesem Monat sehen. Die Videos laufen all unter dem schönen Titel „Inge malt Dinge“, eine Mischung aus visuellen Jokes und Storytelling. Ich habe sogar eigene Werbung entworfen. Es geht ums Home Office, klar auch mal Corona und in einer Folge langweilt sich Mona Lisa im Louvre. Danke noch mal an Hans Thalhammer für den Titel, er schlug mir ursprünglich „Inge sagt Dinge“ als Namen für meinen Podcast vor.







Was, du hast jetzt auch (wieder) einen Podcast? Nein! Aber ich war Gast, u.a. beim Setup-Punchline-Magazin:


(Als Ex-DJane auf Hochzeiten und Firmenfeiern) spricht sie über die Erfahrungen als Frau im Schützenfestzelt. Auch geht es darum, Comedy im Alltag erkennen und geschehen lassen zu können. Und Ingrid erklärt, warum sie das DJ-Bit heute überhaupt nicht mehr spielt. Die Aufnahme entstand im Herbst 2018 beim NDR Comedy-Contest in Hamburg.


Ich hatte neulich sogar meinen ersten live Auftritt seit März. Ich hatte vorher Angst, dass ich es gar nicht mehr mögen würde. Denn es hat sich so viel verändert, kein Theater offen, ich trainiere mittlerweile mit zwei Improv Teams im Park und habe sogar mit Sport angefangen. Aber als mir im Mad Monkey Room das (desinfizierte) Mikro gereicht wurde, die Bühne unter meinen Füßen zu spüren war und ich durch die Boxen meinen ersten Joke und die Lacher der Leute hörte war klar: Live Stand-up Comedy ist immer noch die schönste Kunstform. Dann kommen meine Videos.


(c) SetupPunchline / Sergey Sanin

Jokes2Go Performance at Mad Monkey Room Berlin

What is the future of stand-up comedy? Is it zoom shows? Is it live shows and 2m in between every audience member? Or is it this: Joke2Go? 

Last week, I put a stage outside our comedy club Mad Monkey Room at Helmholtzkiez, Prenzlauer Berg Berlin. I told unsolicited jokes to people passing by. It was pure joy.

The neighbors could choose from my joke menu. Heckling was also an option, which one woman made use of. She said „I don’t have time to hear a joke“ so I went, well just pretend you just heard one and didn’t like it and yell booo. She did and it was the loveliest heckle I ever had. It was a fun and easygoing way to do publicity for the comedyclub, get some stand-up spirit back and have heartfelt, real human contact.

But. As a Hobby-Germanologist it is striking how the German speaking pedestrians are the most reluctant to receive free comedy. „It’s free, it’s fun, it’s artsy. She’s not gonna get us with her fun. Lets walk by fast, cuz evil lurks everywhere“ is the vibe I got from some people. 

My past performances all happened at festivals. People already had a „festival mind“ and were prepared for fun things to happen. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a festival mind always? Then again, I know I am too negative myself. I was walking home in the warm sun and felt light drops on me. Probably someone watering their balcony plants. Yet my FIRST thought was OMG someone is spraying me with ACID. When is live comedy coming back so I can say that onstage?

Thanks to Mad Monkey Room Comedy Club and Nina Böhm for this day and the photos