Stand-up for the Ladies – Fall of Comedy

Last week in Hamburg, I hosted my comedyshow „Stand-up for the Ladies“. We had a nice show with five funny women on stage (zero unfunny women, just in case you were wondering). Two guys, whose show was cancelled last minute, came by spontaneously and performed as well. Thanks for that! And thanks to my photographer Sergey Sanin, I got nice photographs from the show. The next one will probably be at the end of this year. But until then, you can see me on stage in various other cities – or in these nice pics:



I have a dog now

I want a dog. For so many reasons. I love them. As a freelancer, I need a reason to go outside. And it’s more fun writing jokes at home with a dog audience sitting next to me. Also, rent is so high and needs to be worthwhile, I want someone constantly inhabiting my flat, if person, dog or burglar.

I have a foster dog now. It’s basically like leasing. You have them for a try out period. And at the end you have the option to purchase or leave them at a highway restaurant.


I wished we’d know what dogs think…


Her race is called „Chinese Crested Powder Puff“, which sounds a bit like a far eastern fitness drink. How do I explain it… have you heard of the contest „the ugliest dog in the world“? Yup, it’s that one. They win every year. They’re like Russian figure skaters gold medalists. It’s not fair, they win every time. They’re just too ugly.

My dog has substantially more hair though, that covers up the contest winning face. When I got her, she didn’t have hair, she had dreadlocks. She didn’t live with a hippy but neglect. So I went to the dog salon. What a goofy place. There was so much hair flying around, enough to equip the next three Gucci collections with fur. At first, I didn’t see the hairdresser, until she appeared underneath the hair like a camouflage soldier.

„Just take away all the unhealthy hair. It doesn’t have to look good“, is what I said to her. Yeah and then two hours later I saw the dog. Having several thoughts on my mind. Maybe I should have told her to leave one dread lock, just one, for coolness. Do animals know they’re ugly? And lastly, where is the next ugliest dog contest, I might have a winner.


just another unrealistic beauty standard


I walked the dog back home. One guy said „geez, does she have cancer?“. Yes it’s a cancer dog. Fresh from dog chemotherapy. Additionally, she’s a fearful dog. She’s scared of everything. Like those people that can’t watch scary movies and end up screaming at everything.

My dog is terrified of cars, bikes and air. Strangers look at her all shaky saying „awwww“. And then give me the look like I’m an animal abuser. That’s my sign to yell out „rescue dog, I saved her, worship me ok thanks.“ How one powerful sentence can make people believe you’re not an animal abuser but a saint! I see myself saying that everyday now, with or without dog.



So will I keep her? Not sure. I looked at so many dogs now. At the animal shelter, all dogs are either old, sick or on a cruiseship. But you know what I liked about the shelter? They don’t do false advertising! On the cages they have clearly written signs: „Bobby bites“, „Tyson humps everyone“, „Molly limps and will cause substantial cost and you’ll probably go bust“. There it is black and white. And it’s true. I get there, I get bitten. And I can’t complain about it.

The dogs don’t even try to show themselves from a good side. I thought: I’m their savior, holding the one rose that will determine their fate. And suddenly, the kennel is quiet. Bobby goes „I don’t bite. Never have. Never will. I don’t even bite my food. I just lick it. Lick, lick, look!“ Tyson claims he’s asexual, woof. And Molly jumps around „everything okay, I’m in topform. Ouch ouch, just kidding. Pick me pick me.“ It’s like dating, you lie until you’re a couple and can’t be abandoned at a highway restaurant.

To be continued…



*(I feel silly saying this, but some of this is satire. Just making sure. Okay bye)

Push Millerntor Gallery

Super stoked that we exhibited and performed “Fontana di Pauli by Push Any Button Improv” at Millerntor Gallery 2017. It was a long weekend of art, donation and fun. Here are some photos from it. All pics are shot by Golda Fruhmann except that one photo of me inside the pool. That was taken by my Push Any Button Improv buddy Regina. I also added more info about Millerntor Gallery and our artwork (in German)*. More info in English can be found here.


Das internationale Kunst-, Musik- und Kulturfestival ist initiiert von Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. und dem FC Sankt Pauli. Getreu dem Motto „Art Creates Water“ transformieren wir Kunst in Wasser. Gleichzeitig inspirieren wir die BesucherInnen mittels der universellen Sprachen Kunst, Musik und Sport zu gesellschaftlichem Engagement.
Das Millerntor-Stadion wird alljährlich zu einer offenen Plattform für Dialog und Austausch, auf lokaler, internationaler und interkultureller Ebene. Kunstwerke sämtlicher Genres sowie ein vielfältiges Musik-, Kultur- und Bildungsprogramm zeigen, wie alle die Welt positiv mitgestalten können. Interaktionsmöglichkeiten machen die BesucherInnen zu aktiven TeilnehmerInnen an gesellschaftlichen Veränderungsprozessen. (


Super stoked that we performed in between a giant skull and a rap contest. Fans might not recognize me at first in this “Where is Wenzel” pic, because I’m not wearing a dress but pants!




Es geht um dich, um euch, um uns. Zeig uns deine Utopie!

Mit dem diesjährigen Thema YOUTOPIC beleuchten wir den individuellen sowie gesellschaftlichen Willen zur positiven Veränderung. Jeder hat Handlungsspielräume und Möglichkeiten. Diese nutzen wir und engagieren uns für eine Welt ohne gesellschaftliche Ungleichheiten. Wir stürzen uns auf die Herausforderungen dieser Welt, denn zuschauen ist uns zu wenig. Mit wachen Augen und einem offenen Herzen übernehmen wir soziale Verantwortung – und wir nehmen dich mit!

Die Millerntor Gallery ist eine offene Plattform für Diskurse und Verbindungen. Sie bringt Menschen und Initiativen zusammen. Über gemeinsame ästhetische Erfahrungen entstehen ungeahnte Kräfte. Wir schöpfen Potenzial wie Wasser. Selbst dort, wo wir es vielleicht nicht erwarten. Wir gestalten, transformieren, ästhetisieren bewusst und unbewusst.

Die Millerntor Gallery dient als Inspirationsquelle und setzt Impulse für eine Welt voller Freude, offener Arme und sauberem Wasser für alle. (



The only #pool picture I’ll ever post: me drawing designs on our “fountain”.



Der Fontana di Trevi in Rom ist ein Anziehungspunkt für alle, die das Glück suchen: „Ein Volksglaube sagt, dass es Glück bringe, Münzen über die Schulter in den Brunnen zu werfen.“

Wir greifen diese Idee auf und installieren in der Millentor Gallery den „Fontana de Pauli“: in einem bemalten Planschbecken steht eine bunte Brunnenfigur. Der Boden des Pools ist in verschiedene Bereiche aufgeteilt – von „Mehr Liebe!“ bis zu „Geld spenden!“.

Wer seine Spiel-Münze in den Pool wirft, trifft automatisch einen der Bereiche – und hat damit auch eine Entscheidung für die Zukunft getroffen.

Kurz: Ein von Push any Button Improv moderiertes Spiel mit genau so viel Ernst, wie nötig!  (Push Any Button Improv)



My improv buddy Regina Pichler and me getting some cash donation for viva con agua.


Unser Spiel regt an, nachzudenken. Denn es gibt allen Teilnehmern eine Antwort auf die eventuelle Frage „Was kann ich denn schon Gutes tun in dieser Welt??“. Wir laden ein, das Thema „Hilfe“ etwas leichter zu sehen. Und sich für die Zukuft inspirieren zu lassen!

Mit dieser Kunst-Aktion erwarten wir nette Begegnungen, interessante Dialoge mit den Besuchern – und jede Menge hochfliegender Münzen! (Push Any Button Improv)



We now use our statue as a boat.





*(I’m not gonna translate too much back and forth anymore, before my linguist friends reprimand me again how bad I am at it. Just for this sentence I had to look up three words;-))**


** (reprimand, back and forth and sentence)

Performing “City Twister”

Meet Push Any Button Improv. A creative collective founded by my improv buddy Regina Pichler and me. We made a custom designed Twister game. Not with random dots but with Hamburg’s parts of town, where it’s hard to find affordable flats. This month we played “City Twister” with visitors at Altonale Festival. We had fun while talking about housing shortage. And those who lasted the longest in the game, won a fictitious flat. (All photos (c) Golda Fruhmann )